Shahan Campbell PhD – Innovation & Science Copywriter Melbourne


Hi! I’m Shahan, a scientist-turned-copywriter with a passion for clear, successful communications.


I’ve been a professional copywriter for over ten years*. With a strong focus on clarifying complex topics, I serve an extensive range of industries, specialist consultants and organisations. From high-end dentistry, mining technologies and renewable energy markets to condom manufacturing, logistics innovations and combustible coffin handles – there’s never a dull day in The Science of Copy office!
* Before copywriting, I was a medical research scientist for ten years. During this time, my collaborative research produced 11 peer-reviewed, co-authored papers in international scientific journals for virology and HIV/AIDS research.

When a great communication connects: our heads turn and our emotions engage. We’re inspired to take action. I love how powerful and meaningful words can be! As a medical research scientist, I studied a subject in depth to get valuable results. Now, as your copywriter Melbourne, I harness my ‘inner scientist’ to understand your topic or idea. Then I create your marketing, information or media resources based on my research of your industry and target market.

I strive for effective communication. I also understand it takes solid research to achieve it. Companies with sophisticated services or complex innovations seek to engage customers effectively. Therefore, communicating clearly without ‘dumbing down’ your message is important. For that reason, I research your topic extensively to understand a) what you do, b) your market position and c) the influences and trends driving your industry. This ensures I explain your products or services in an easy, straightforward way to your customers, industry peers and important stakeholders.

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Industries I write for include …

  • Innovation, Science, Technology

  • Health, Medical, Fitness, Wellbeing

  • Mining, Construction, Engineering

  • Energy, Environment, Resources

  • Manufacturing, Transport, Logistics

  • Finance, Accounting, Insurance

  • Not-for-profit organisations

  • Research & Development & more

As a science-trained copywriter…

I’m curious. That’s why I strive to understand difficult problems. And how to solve them.

I care. Because people’s challenges are real. Empathy through writing builds trust; as does respect.

I’m determined. Clear writing takes effort. I dedicate my time and energy to worthy projects. Yours could be next.



  • Australian School of Copywriting, Writing For Profit
  • Australian Writers’ Centre, UX/UI Copywriting
  • HubSpot Academy, Inbound, Contextual and Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics Academy, Advanced GA & GA Individual Qualification

Feel free to request samples from my private portfolio to review. Please get in touch with any questions or queries. I look forward to speaking with you about your next project.

Clear sense writing for science & innovation industries

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