Smart Websites For Small Business

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We get it. The thought of building a new website for your small business can be overwhelming! Especially if it’s your first foray into website development and design.

But with the right advice, technical know-how and friendly support, producing a small business website can be a rewarding experience. Plus, your new website will be spot-on for your needs.

A professional business website is at the core of your online marketing. Therefore, it’s best to get it right from the start.

Let’s review what’s involved.

Creating the best website for your small business

Indeed, there are essential digital, content and design components that must work together to produce a first-class business website.

Also, depending on your business, it may be vital that your website ranks well in the search results. That is, when your target customer googles your products or services. Search engine ranking requires strategic search engine optimisation (SEO) work and attention.

When handled by digital experts, who collaborate on your site’s content and design, you’ll benefit from a high-quality well-ranking website for your business.


First, we’ll take care of all the important digital technicalities of setting up and running your business website.

This includes managing your domain name registration, email set up, secure and reliable hosting, analytics and visitor tracking, software updates and backups, and technical SEO set up.

We’ll also implement any integrated maps, forms and functional tools you need, such as e-commerce shopping cart, CRM, social media, email marketing, appointments, reservations, embedded videos and so on.


Second, we understand the hassle of providing unique text for your small business website. However, these words – also called ‘web copy’- have an important role to play in guiding your website visitor to do what they need to do to become your customer.

As experienced web copywriters and content writers, we have the technical knowledge to help you:

      • Clarify your online goals and website marketing strategy
      • Develop a clear content message for your target audience
      • Create and position persuasive ‘call to action’ (CTA) text
      • Achieve effective on-page SEO through high-quality, informative content

We can also produce additional content for marketing your business via your website, such as information downloads, video scripts and text, audio ads, sales funnels and more.


Third, your website design is a chance to showcase your unique brand’s look and feel. We’ll incorporate your business logo and your brand’s colours and fonts to create your small business website design.

Plus, as small business website designers, we’ll implement the right mix of dynamic functions and eye-catching imagery to give your website visitors a positive impression.

Importantly, designing a website that works seamlessly on mobile devices is essential in today’s ever-connected world. Be sure your new small business website is mobile responsive.

Spot-on support for small business websites

A smart website – that’s easy and enjoyable for your customers to use, and effortless to modify in the future – gives your business a powerful edge over your competitors.

There’s a plethora of different ways to create a small business website and for a wide range of budgets. It’s not easy deciding what solution will work best for your business.

If you don’t know where to start, but you know you want a secure, professional and functional site that looks great and improves your business results, get in touch today for genuine support and advice.

With our friendly client-oriented approach to deliver a high-quality, high-function website, you’ll feel confident choosing our web content and web design services for your small business website.



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Copywriting Basics: Putting Your Words To Work

We’ve compiled this short post to answer the top five questions we get about copywriting.

1. What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the creative process of putting persuasive words into sentences, paragraphs and longer communications. 

The ultimate end-goal of writing engaging ‘copy’ is to motivate your reader to do something. 

Worthy side-goals may be to inform, educate or entertain your reader via your brand’s voice; however, to motivate your reader to take action is the central purpose of copywriting.  

2. Why is copywriting important?

More than other types of writing, copywriting is an essential skill that businesses value and apply to attract and engage new customers that lead to more sales – the priority of any business.     

People understand information, first and foremost, by reading the words that we use to describe concepts and explain ideas. Therefore, effective copywriting is essential. 

Alternative communications channels such as video or audio also aid understanding, yet, it was the initial foundation of words that created these messages. 

3. How does copywriting get results?

After reading your copy, the next step your reader takes should align directly with the objective of your marketing campaign. For instance, if you want more enquiries to a phone number, then the next step, known as the ‘call to action’, would be something like ‘Call 1234512345 to book your appointment today’. 

Similarly, an encouraging ‘Buy Now!’ at the end of a catchy product description on your shopping website will direct your reader to add the product of interest to their cart. 

A friendly and straightforward ‘Contact us with any questions or for more information’ helps your reader know you care and encourages them to get in touch, moving them closer to doing business with you.    

4. Is copywriting the same as copyrighting?

Copywriting, although it sounds the same, is not spelled as copyright. That’s the © symbol that legally protects the original works of creative people from being misused or used without permission. 

Although some works of copywriting may be copyrighted, the two are different. Written copy is the words of advertising and marketing produced by copywriters. Copyright is the law you break (see Copyright Act 1968) when you steal someone else’s original work. So don’t. 

5. Are copywriters in demand?

Yes, they are! Copywriters know how to create the ‘copy’ or the words of an advertising campaign. Copywriters often work with graphic designers or web designers to produce a final piece of communication. 

A copywriter may be part of a marketing team or work within an advertising agency. Many business owners become the in-house copywriter; especially if they enjoy writing or if it’s a start-up business with budget constraints. 

Freelance copywriters produce work for various clients including large corporates, not-for-profit organisations, service agencies and niche consultants. Some freelance copywriters specialise in writing for niche industries, e.g., innovation and science. Meanwhile, others specialise in producing only specific types of communications, e.g., whitepaper copy or website copy.    

Outsourcing small projects to freelance copywriters may be worthwhile, especially if you don’t have the volume of work to employ a fulltime copywriter. 


We look forward to answering more of your copywriting questions in a future post. For more information about our copywriting and content writing services, please get in touch today. 

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Need Help Writing A White Paper?

But first, what is a white paper?

‘White paper’ is a general term for a fact-based, persuasive piece of writing. Although not a direct sales pitch, many companies publish professionally written white papers as part of their marketing strategy.

Ranging from six to 16 pages, your potential customer will devote time to read your white paper, so it must deliver information of value and substance. If it doesn’t, your company’s reputation may suffer.

Why are white papers useful?

A well-received white paper is forwarded through networks, recommended to industry peers and makes a positive industry-specific contribution.

In turn, this helps establish your company as a trusted adviser and reputable supplier of your particular product or service.

  • White papers are not opinion pieces. Instead, they are a carefully crafted analysis of a topic. White papers communicate a well-researched, logical argument with supporting evidence.
  • White papers are a powerful tool to use early in your sales cycle when your decision-makers are evaluating where to spend their dollars. Therefore, your white paper message must carry weight.
  • White papers must provide useful content to your reader. Either to help them do their job better, to help them understand a sophisticated technology or to help them solve a difficult problem.
Thinking about ‘Thought Leadership’

Striving to enhance your organisation’s global reach, through digital white paper marketing, may help position your company as ‘thought leaders’.

Of course, your white paper’s subject matter must deliver new or timely information of value to your industry. Plus, be backed by authentic facts from reliable reference sources.

Do you need a copywriter for your white paper?

Despite often being written by in-house experts, your company may choose to outsource your white paper writing to a professional copywriter.

This requires the copywriter to research your topic in detail, interview key personnel and industry sources, develop a viable content strategy and write an engaging white paper, on your behalf, in an appropriately prompt time frame.

You may also approach your white paper copywriter to create related white paper marketing material, such as social media posts, lead pages, customer surveys and more…

For information about writing your white paper, contact Shahan today.