Albert Einstein once said, “It should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid”

But all too often, technical and scientific documents forget the ‘barmaids’ in the audience as well as their colleagues in the next laboratory! Technical writing becomes effective and accessible when it’s clear and captures your reader’s interest.

Reducing the knowledge gap

Bridging the gap between writing for the knowledgeable technician while addressing the curious reader is no easy feat. A persistent writer must research the topic well and craft the message diligently. The writer may be required to produce multiple drafts to address the client’s exact needs.

Although I no longer work in a medical research laboratory, during my relatively short stint as a scientist, I co-authored over ten peer-reviewed research articles plus wrote theses, grant applications, operations manuals, laboratory reports etc.

As a co-author and co-editor, early in my science career, I was lucky to write technical research papers and other scientific presentations under the guidance of highly-skilled mentors.

Professional writing, editing and proofreading of:
  • Scientific reports
  • Technical papers
  • Training manuals and user guides
  • Presentations
  • Proposals, submissions,
  • Grants, tenders
  • Annual reports
  • Whitepapers … and more – just ask us!

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